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Structured Data Cabling - Category 5a and 6 in Chelmsford & Essex

If you are looking for a local Chelmsford, Electrical Contractor then delta T Electrical are perfectly placed to carry out your structured Data cabling in Chelmsford Essex and throughout the region.

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For most business users who require internet, email and access to documents in programs such as Word or Excel users will rarely benefit from the advantages of gigabit networking therefore CAT5e is an ideal infrastructure.

Our engineer will come to discuss and access your requirement and supply a written quotation setting out exactly our proposal tailored to suit your needs.

Types of Data cabling

Cat5e Data cabling in Chelmsford Essex

1 Gigabit Ethernet over copper cabling system. Still a tried and tested cabling offering a secure, cost effective and flexible cabling solution for running today’s high speed applications.

Despite the introduction of higher performance cabling such as CAT6, CAT6a and CAT7, CAT5e remains the most popular and commonly deployed Ethernet cabling standard.

The main reason for this is that it supports gigabit networking and so theoretically, if used exclusively with gigabit network cards and switches, will support higher data transfer across the network.

However, the emergence of CAT6 has facilitated a far more effective platform for gigabit networking due to its decreased data loss. So in reality if there is a genuine requirement for gigabit CAT6 is the category of choice.

But gigabit networking is only relevant when large amounts of data, for example large image files such as 3D need to be rendered across the network. CAT5e has benefits of its own to recommend it. It is more economical to install, and moreover it requires less space than the higher diameter CAT6 and is more tolerant of tight bends and therefore easier and faster to install in trunking and where space is limited.

Cat6 Data Cabling in Chelmsford Essex

Category 6 performance cabling system, it is interoperable with standards compliant products and fully backwards compatible to lower performance classes. Cat6 supports Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoEP) applications including VoIP, WLAN access points and Security cameras etc.

By utilising all four pairs within the cable, increasing the frequency of the twists in each pair and reinforcing the cable with a plastic spine, CAT6 reduces the amount of "cross-talk" that can cause data loss.
In other words Cat5e and CAT6 are like two roads with the same speed limit, but the CAT6 road has many more lanes so traffic jams are less likely.

Anyone rendering large graphics files over a network – for example 3D CAD programmes can produce files measured in gigabytes - architects, structural engineers, in fact any designers or technicians that work with large files. Then there is the issue of future-proofing. There is no doubt that networking has benefited enormously from the increase in data transmission speeds from 10 mbps to 100mbps and there is no reason to believe that 1000mbps will not be considered the norm a few years from now. Even Category 6 structured data cabling is going to superseened.

In a small installation for example an office of up to 100 people this probably takes the form of what is known as horizontal cabling, which means that all the cables (CAT5 or CAT6), regardless of whether they are in the same room, or on different floors, lead back to one central location. Cables are terminated to RJ45 jacks at the user end and RJ45 patch panels in the central location, within a suitable enclosure or cabinet. All of the interconnecting cabling be it Cat5 or Cat6 will need containment of some form or another.

Whatever your needs Chelmsford electrical contractor delta T Electrical are here to carry out all of the works necessary to make your network installations in Essex as effective and effortless as possible.

Data Cabling Containment in Chelmsford Essex

We are also able to offer the installation of PVC and galvanised containment infrastructure in the following methods:

  • Basket work
  • Flexible conduit
  • Rigid conduit
  • Trunking
  • Tray work
  • Dado trunking

Whichever method suits your application and budget delta T Renewables your local Data cabling instalation specialists are her to advise and help make sure your project runs smoothly and on time.

We can assess and design a Data cabling system that will suit your business and be tailored to your exact specifications whilst keeping within your specified budget.

You can rest assured that every electrician we send to carry out  your Data cabling infra structure will hold a City & Guilds electrical qualification and be fully competent to issue an NICEIC certificate for any works carried out on your premises.

If you are thinking about installing Data cabling in Chelmsford Essex or the surrounding areas delta T Electrical are your local Electrical contractor, offering a wide range of electrical services in Essex covering all your design, installation service and maintenance requirements.

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